We create software that transforms data into insights to help mines run more efficiently, productively, safely, and sustainably
We achieve this through software solutions that:
1. Connect and retrieve data from any machine, sensor, or process database.
2. Cleanse, correct, analyze, and correlate data in 3D.
3. Transform data into information using advanced analytics and 3D computing algorithms.
4. Display information to customers using the most advanced UI/UX practices.
5. Deliver simulations and predictions based on actual data and performance.


CUSTOMER FOCUS: We recognize that we only succeed when our customers succeed. We create value by increasing our client’s effectiveness and productivity. We’re only happy when our customers are happy.

INTEGRITY: We always act with integrity, fairness, and honesty. We do what we say we are going to do and do our best on each project and with each customer.

COLLABORATION: We believe that collaboration multiplies our impact. We also understand that collaboration requires listening to and understanding others, asking for help, trusting each other, and sharing knowledge.

LEARNING: We know that the only way to improve is to learn. And we also know that learning takes time. But learning from our mistakes and knowing our customer’s needs is the only way to improve, innovate, and be a better company tomorrow than we were yesterday.

PASSION FOR WHAT WE DO: We love making our customers more efficient and effective. We believe that by making our customers better, we can inspire others to do the same around the world.