What do we do?

We create software that transform data into insights to support mining experts in their decision-making
How do we achieve this? Our software solutions:
1. Connect and retrieve data from any machine, sensor or process database
2. Cleanse, correct and analyze and correlate data in 3D using mining logic
3. Transform data into information, using advanced analytics and 3D computing algorythms
4. Display information to customers using the most advanced UI/UX practices
5. Deliver simulations and predictions based on actual data and performance
What do we do?


CUSTOMER FOCUS: We recognize that we only only successful through our customers’ success. We create value by way of the sustainable value that our clients create using our products. We feel proud when our clients are truly satisfied with our product.

INTEGRITY: We deal professionally and honestly in our work relations. We fulfill our commitments and give the maximum efforts of our capabilities. We are intolerant of under-the-table agreements. We always act with rectitude, fairness and honesty.

COLLABORATION: We believe that by collaborating we multiply our impact. We understand that teamwork requires listening to and understanding others, asking for help, confidence and sharing knowledge.

LEARNING: We take the necessary time to ponder and profoundly consider our most important issues. We learn from our mistakes. Innovation and improvement is our daily motto.

PASSION FOR WHAT WE DO: We love to generate positive impacts for our customers as we create and innovate. We believe that we can make TIMining a world class leader that will inspire others to do the same around the world.