Increasing Haulage Fleet Productivity with TIMining Orchestra


Improving the productivity of their mining operation is what Mina Los Bronces is currently pursuing. A major focus to achieve this goal is enhancing the performance of its haulage fleet. Among the improvement alternatives, priority has been given to reducing truck cycle times and identifying optimal haulage routes.


The management team at Los Bronces has already embarked on a series of improvement projects to boost the fleet’s productivity. As a key part of identifying and evaluating opportunities, they have used the TIMining Orchestra software, which makes it possible to perform data analytics and run simulations of the loading and hauling process. The following analyses were conducted as part of the process to identify opportunities for

  1. Identifying high traffic zones, operational losses, or places where the speed is lower than standard.
  2. Identifying and evaluating alternative routes and cycle times using simulations with real data from the operation. The best routes were implemented.
  3. Comparing actual speeds across the routes where a new haulage strategy was implemented.
  4. Analyzing optimal segmentation of the loaded/empty fleet by means of simulations. The results led to changes in the segmentation strategy and routes for loaded/empty trucks.


Some of the impacts of the operational changes made after the analysis include:

  1. Changes to the haulage routes, from the operational pushbacks to crushing and dump sites.
  2. Reduced route cycle time by 4 minutes through equipment segmentation.
  3. Average 5,000 ton increase per day from the production pushbacks.
  4. Average 2% speed increase for the trucks loaded on the enhanced route.

With this tool, users can also:

  1. Automatically retrieve information from the fleet management system, with no need for complex queries.
  2. Rely on a tool with spatial data deployment and analytics capabilities, allowing for the haulage equipment to be managed proactively.
  3. Identify potential mine production bottlenecks, identifying critical routes.
  4. Evaluate alternative operating scenarios quickly and cost-effectively.
“For Los Bronces, Orchestra has been an extremely useful tool to focus on work priorities and boost truck performance.”
-Andrés Reyes, Management Supervisor, Mina Los Bronces


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